Meet the Autism HWB Team

Rhiannon Lloyd-Williams

Co-founder of Autism HWB

Rhi is a writer, poet, playwright and blogger who has five children and lives in the wilds of West Wales. She has a passion for peaceful, sustainable living and a lyrical approach to life.

She also runs courses and workshops about autism on such topics as; The Power of Creativity, Autism in Women and Girls and Autism in the Workplace. Her award-winning play, The Duck, about being a late-diagnosed autistic woman is currently touring the UK.

Rhi says, “Probably one of the things that helps me the most is my sense of humour. Life is ridiculous, people are ridiculous, we’re all doing our best and muddling through, and once you realise no one else has the key to what will make you happy, then you can start to build things for yourself. Pick and choose what works for you, we are all so beautifully different, one size will never fit all.”

Florence Neville

co-founder of autism HWB

Flo is an autistic Health and Wellbeing coach living with her daughters and husband in England. She has a Masters Degree in Health and Wellbeing from the University of the West of England and she runs workshops in stress management, for organisations, businesses and schools.

Flo says, “I am inspired at all times by transformation. Witnessing the first blossoms appear on the trees, relishing the taste and vibrational change when I’ve added certain ingredients to a dish, feeling my heart rate slow, my muscles relax and my imagination expand when I take time to just be. Transformation drives my personal and professional practice.”

Upcoming Workshop Dates

Sorry, we do not know of any upcoming dates right now – but please let us know (using the get-in-touch button below) if you would like us to include any upcoming autistic-led health and wellbeing workshops that you are running.

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