An Easy Visualisation Exercise

Flo developed this easy breathing and visualisation exercise many years ago for her health and nutrition clients, and Rhi recorded it from her own woodland. We’ve included it on AutismHWB for those of you who might find it a helpful resource.

You can read the instructions as you practise for the first few times until you have memorised the sequence enough to close your eyes, or you can listen to the audio file, ideally through headphones.

We recommend practising it first thing every morning and then repeating as and when you like during the day. Note your posture and stress levels before and after you finish.


Written instructions:

Sit down on a chair, stool, the edge of your bed, a tree stump or rock etc. and put your feet flat on the floor.

Close your eyes. Breathe quietly through your nose. Drop your shoulders. Tuck your chin in. Relax your lower back. Check your breathing. It should be very quiet, very calm and always through your nose.

Loosen your knees and your ankles. Stretch your toes. Imagine roots growing out from your feet. Strong roots that reach deep and far. Check that your breathing is smooth and silent.

Imagine bright but gentle light streaming in through the top of your head. Check your breathing. Feel that breath filling your belly.

Check your roots grounding, balancing and steadying you. Check your breathing.

Check that radiant light flowing in through your scalp and gently diffusing throughout your body. Check your breathing. Check your deep and grounding roots again.

Breathe. Relax.

Once you feel ready, open your eyes and carry on with your day.

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